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Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouse Handling and Flexible Storage

Prolog’s sophisticated warehouse management systems give you end-to-end visibility, with integrated tracking systems and regular audits guaranteeing full stock accountability.

Our flexible warehousing and distribution services provide expert solutions for a wide variety of businesses, being fully adaptable to specific requirements.

Maintaining optimum stock levels and having precision-controlled access to stock are essential for trading in the 21st century.

While digital innovation makes a huge difference to order fulfilment and communications, at the heart of it are tangible goods requiring physical storage and seamless distribution.

Whether you have a multi-channel strategy, or your main focus is on eCommerce, we have the flexibility to provide the right levels of capacity for the product range you need to stock.

Flexible storage and fulfilment solutions enable us to react quickly and meet your requirements in today’s fast-paced markets.

Smarter Storage

Efficient warehousing requires highly accurate stock management, including structured storage and real-time stock control.

Prolog provides comprehensive, expert systems management for warehousing, ensuring that your order fulfilment is seamless, keeping your customers satisfied.

Dynamic Warehousing & Distribution

Alongside specialised warehouse management is our advanced and adaptable distribution network.

We offer excellence and consistency in delivery and service, working with highly professional pallet networks, carriers and couriers across the UK. All despatches are fully tracked from when it leaves our warehouse through to the final delivery to your customer . Delivery data is supplied back to our clients so that they have full visibility.

Your Choice of Services

Through our services, we offer fully flexible fulfilment solutions to enable our clients to focus on their core business. We tailor our solutions to meet each individual clients needs to ensure your end customer receives the service they expect in today’s modern commerce.

Our partnerships with all major carriers and our IT solutions allow us to select the most cost-effective services that meet your delivery needs throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. This gives our clients the control they need to ship on time while managing margin.

Working in logistics, we’re members of the UK’s leading trade organisation for this sector. This means we’re independently assessed and audited to meet the highest standards of warehousing.

Wherever and whenever your goods need to go, we have the perfect warehousing and distribution solution for you. Please contact us for more details.