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Returns Management

Reducing Your Returns and Creating Value Out of Goods That Cannot be Returned to Stock

We process all returns on the same day of receipt to enable credit card refunds to be processed immediately ensuring customer loyalty simply based on the speed the returns have been dealt with. For our clients, we analyse the reasons for the returns in depth providing insightful information to help reduce their returns level.

Minimising Your Customer Returns by Ensuring Order Accuracy

We achieve this by ensuring our pick pack and despatch staff are trained to the highest standard.

Our agile and efficient order fulfilment service is as proactive as it is accurate.

Our enterprising pick, pack and despatch staff are trained to the highest levels and only work with the most state-of-the-art robust order fulfilment systems. High-value or specialist items are specially prepared for their shipping journey, protected by the appropriate packaging. This means your customers receive their right items, in the right condition at the right time.

The issue of return my order requests is seamlessly managed before they even become a problem. In fact, we successfully handled £75 million worth of products through our returns management process in 2018.

Flexible Returns for Customer Satisfaction

No wholesaler or retailer wants to see the dreaded ‘return my order’ request. But did you know, with the right returns management process and product returns software, you can still satisfy your customers even when they are not satisfied with their purchases?

Sound, efficient returns management is an essential pillar of customer care.

It is only realistic to anticipate that not everyone will be satisfied with their purchases. Also, many online shoppers will order multiple items, then only select what they wish to keep, and return the rest.

Making a Positive Impression Counts

The customer experience should be central to your retailing, and this means going beyond the sale and distribution of your products.

Our returns system will ensure that your customers have a positive experience, even if they wish to return the items they have purchased. Refunds, for example, can be swift and pain-free for your customers. Our systems can support or integrate with your payment systems to facilitate a quick process of refunds via the original payment method, creating a full audit trail.

Leaving a positive impression with your customers can be a highly effective form of marketing for your brand.

We provide monthly management information detailing the reasons for your returns so that trends analysis can be undertaken and action taken to reduce return rates. In addition to this, our returns service helps our customers achieve a higher value recovery against those items that can’t be returned to good stock.

Maximising Your Stock Flow

Behind the scenes, returns management is not just about customer satisfaction. It also contributes to the overall efficiency of your stock flow.

When it comes to garments, we will ensure the swift recirculation of all suitable returned items, including thorough quality checks, and refolding and repackaging.

Product returns made simply as a change of mind can be simply repackaged with the product returned to good stock for reselling.

Products that cannot be returned to good stock are either repaired and or graded for reselling – all of which we complete on our customers’ behalf.

Recycling is another option we take on your behalf, where unsellable stock has reached its end-point.

We also have a talented team of repairs engineers at our disposal, who happily take on the challenge of repairing and restoring faulty items.

Customer and Retailer Benefits

Hassle-free returns management benefits your customers and your brand:

Customer Benefits:

  • Refunds – a rapid refund process is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Replacements – where customers want to exchange goods, our returns management includes this
  • No obstacles – our returns process is fully integrated, designed to remove or avoid any hassle, for both you and your customers.

Retailer Benefits:

  • Brand reputation – an efficient, practical returns process reinforces your brand’s positive image
  • Fewer complaints – you reduce the number of customer complaints when you deal with returns and refunds rapidly
  • Customer loyalty – a watertight returns policy retains loyal customers
  • Better cash flow – returns reduce the amount of working capital you have tied up.

To help you do this, we can also use several different resale channels, including:

  • Selling direct to consumers on your behalf, which removes extra warehousing and logistics expenses.
  • White-labelling online sales channel, such as Amazon or eBay.

Reporting for Marketing Intelligence

Returns are a potential source of valuable marketing intelligence. We will provide you with detailed data, supporting evidence and analysis about your returns.

This information can help inform your future strategies regarding customer trends and tastes and develop a fool-proof strategy to minimise future ‘return my order’ requests.

Contact us for more details about our integrated returns management services.