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Repair and Returns is a necessary part of the order fulfilment process but can be fraught with challenges. There can be many reasons why stock must be returned. One of them can be when stock is damaged or faulty.

By providing an efficient repair and return service, supported by technical experts, we can turn a loss-making area into a profitable service, especially when the customer experience is borne in mind.

Our priority is to get your clients’ items returned, or re-sold, as quickly as possible, which is why we provide a repair and return service.

The Repair and Return Process

It goes beyond handling returns. We have expert engineers who will carefully investigate, repair or refurbish items making sure they are fit for returning or re-stocking and reselling.

This ensures our clients continue to maximise their selling opportunities, and their stock flow, whilst maintaining happy customers.

Where a product can neither be returned to good stock or sold at the graded stock value, it can still be salvaged through our recycling capability.

Recover Stock Losses and Maximising Your Assets

As a vital part of your inventory, it is important to us that you can recover stock losses and, where possible, re-use as valid products for sale.

We can repair and refurbish consumer electronics and tech products to as-new status while ensuring they meet stringent safety and quality standards.

Our engineers have the skills and expertise to carry out white goods repairs and restoration.

By rapidly returning these products to stock, we help reduce your turnaround times and make the most of the sales potential of your goods.

To help you do this, we can also offer several different resale channels, including:

  • Selling direct to consumers on your behalf, which removes extra warehousing and logistics expenses
  • White-labelling online sales channel, such as Amazon or eBay.

We eliminate waste, avoid unnecessary logistics costs and enable you to maximise the value of these returned items.

Managed Returns

Our returns management services is an integrated part of our returns solution. It includes repair and returns, warranty fulfilment and streamlined returns processing.

In instances where your customers require a different size, colour or alternative item altogether, we can create orders for replacement items on your behalf, with our pick, pack and despatch processes maintaining a full audit trail.

Where goods are returned as damaged or faulty, we will swiftly cross-check them against specified criteria to assess their condition.

These criteria include the condition of packaging; inbound damage; completeness of goods and any warranty status.

We work out the required level of repair, rework or refurbishment that will maximise your sales potential in each case.

For more details about our comprehensive repair and return service, please contact us.