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Our Systems

Our Processes, Your Management Information

With expert in-house IT resources and capabilities, Prolog designs, produces and implements innovative solutions to support advanced, streamlined order fulfilment processes.

Working closely with our clients, integrating our systems with theirs is crucial to help ensure smooth order processing and efficient operations.

Innovative Technological Solutions

What matters most is that the end-to-end process creates a seamless experience for the customer. Therefore, it’s important that our order processing and fulfilment systems and yours talk to one another. This is where our specialist IT team comes in, working in partnership with you, to ensure you get a bespoke solution that matches your requirements perfectly.

Not only do you benefit from superior performance, but also from a detailed insight into all aspects of performance for ultimate stock control and management.

With our support, this adds a critical element of agility to your order processing and fulfilment operations, enabling us to forecast, schedule and adjust in real time.

Prolog Fusion

This is the versatile software that underpins our entire business. Our team are constantly exploring different ways they can improve the order fulfilment process and that’s where Prolog Fusion comes in.

Prolog Fusion is the foundation for our warehouse infrastructure, controlling key processes such as picking and packing and stock replenishment. This software also sits behind our contact centre CRM system, accessed through a purpose-built web interface.

Prolog Fusion is the base into which we can feed various elements to gather and analyse data and then run key functions such as despatch management and consignment numbers.

Our web portal provides rapid real-time access to information about orders, stock levels, supplier deliveries, carrier despatch and tracking.

There is also an extensive reporting function, giving both you and us vital real-time end-to-end visibility on the status of all your orders. Having this powerful data provision at your fingertips enables you to make decisions to further improve your customer service, ultimately delivering value to the bottom line.

The beauty of it is that we can integrate these key elements into third-party software, so when we work with you, your systems and processes can benefit from the state-of-the-art frameworks that Prolog Fusion provides.

It can become the adaptable interface for your own bespoke software solution.

At Prolog we have an unwavering commitment to ongoing staff training, so all our qualified IT experts are up to date with our latest technology platforms. Therefore, this tight and seamless integration between your systems and ours is underpinned by our exceptional in-house IT support.

Call Handling

Prolog’s Contact Centre uses an automated call distributor and call management system, Avaya. This can report on a broad range of functions and actions, including individual agent performance and service-level agreements for contracts.

For resilience and stability, we host our servers in separate data centres located off-site.

All in all, we continually invest in IT Support and solutions to improve our performance and your results.