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Order Fulfilment

Advanced order fulfilment you can depend on

Order fulfilment is the process that ensures you can deliver on your promise to your customers.

To do this, you must have the right resources, people and processes to meet your distribution demands.

Putting an industry-trusted provider in place will give you all the support and essential services you need, creating a robust but flexible framework for your fulfilment.

Fulfilment to Order

Working in close partnership with you, we provide made-to-measure fulfilment solutions, integrating with your order management system to meet your precise requirements.

We tailor our expertise to fit how you want to best serve your customers, and how you want to receive the essential data analytics, to help us refine your fulfilment processes. We know there is not one solution. We pride ourselves in being flexible to meet your needs.

We take care of your outgoing stock, with sophisticated stock management systems for quick and accurate picking, packing and despatch.

This includes anything from single items to collating bulk shipments and replenishing in-store stock.

order fulfilment packing

Daily Order Volumes

Structured storage and real time stock control ensure that your order fulfilment is rapid, accurate and efficient:

  • Dynamic systems management allows us to constantly monitor demand, which means we can refine picking and packing operations to always meet your customers’ expectations.
  • We swiftly book returned stock back in and we can provide precise, on-demand snapshots of your overall status and performance, using advanced, real-time stock control.
  • Returns are swiftly processed and combined with detailed analysis of why the return has been made. This enables us to focus on reducing our clients’ returns by providing clear data as to the reason why.

Optimised Pick and Pack

To produce the perfect pick and pack solution, our guiding principle is productivity optimisation. We minimise time and resources to maximise the efficiency of the service we give you:

  • Order picking requires speed and accuracy, and it can be time and labour intensive. Therefore, we support our picking processes with advanced warehouse management software, tracking operations from start to finish, ensuring accuracy while keeping a clear audit trail and optimised productivity.
  • Packing is also essential to order fulfilment, and our software will track this accurately. We select the appropriate packing material and sizes to ensure your goods always arrive in pristine condition at the lowest possible cost.
  • Through our integrated IT solutions parcel deliveries can be tracked along with providing a pre-alerted delivery. This ensures all deliveries are tracked through to final delivery.

Expert Transition and Implementation and Project Management

During taking on new business we create both operation and IT implementation plans which ensures a seamless transition. Our standard operating processes document ensures that we are able to undertake full training of our staff to deliver the high quality of service our customers receive. All new customers are personally allocated an experienced Prolog account manager to ensure the smooth start of our business relationship

If you are switching from an existing provider, your personally allocated and experienced Prolog account management team will be happy to liaise with them and transfer data and stock on your behalf.

Transition and Contract Management