Prolog technology

Thanks to our in-house IT capabilities, we have the expertise and flexibility to design and implement innovative solutions that integrate our clients’ environments into our own.

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Seamless end-to-end experience

Whether we’re providing your fulfilment or contact centre services (or both), we’ll create a solution whereby your systems can talk to ours. Our experienced IT team will work with their counterparts in your organisation, seamlessly integrating systems to create an end-to-end solution perfectly suited to your needs.

Prolog Fusion

Our versatile and adaptable software, Prolog Fusion, underpins our entire business.

This versatile application forms the basis of our warehouse systems, controlling everything from the picking and packing processes to stock replenishment frequency and our state-of-the-art automated warehouse conveyor system.

The same technology sits behind our contact centre CRM system which is accessed by our agents using our purpose-built web interface.

Using Fusion as a base, we can plug in software elements which pull data from Fusion, providing functions such as despatch management and the ability to send consignment numbers back to the client when an ecommerce order is placed.

Fusion records information on orders, stock levels, supplier deliveries, carrier despatch and tracking, all of which you can access in real time via our web portal. If you prefer batched reporting, Fusion can run frequent suites of reports or send extracts of raw data for you to run through your own data warehouse or reporting software.

Because we’ve developed basic frameworks within Fusion that we can adapt to your requirements, we don’t have to start every software build from scratch, and can shape and deliver your solution quickly.

We’re hugely experienced at integrating with third party systems, so whether you’re using a system written specifically for you or, like most of our clients, a standard off-the-shelf package, we can build an interface into Prolog Fusion to create a bespoke software solution for your organisation.

Prolog Cortex

With our Cortex Business Intelligence suite we can create reports on everything from order and stock information to campaign performance.

Fully integrated into Fusion, Cortex is used both by us and our clients to analyse data, identifying trends and running ‘what-if’ analyses. You can choose how you want to view your data, whether in graph, chart or dashboard form.

Prolog Synapse

Our mobile dashboard for phones and tablets, Synapse can be used by clients when they’re on the move, to see real-time information on orders and stock levels.

Call handling

Our contact centre uses Avaya as its Automated Call Distributor, and Call Management System for reporting on everything from individual agent performance to contract level SLAs.

The Verint Impact 360 workforce management suite provides our call recording and workforce management capabilities.

Integration of the three products gives us a remarkable level of insight into all aspects of our performance and enables us to forecast, schedule and make operational adjustments in real time.

Resilience and stability are critical to our systems, so our servers are hosted in two separate data centres in different off-site locations.

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Raj Singh
Analyst Programmer

“It’s almost inevitable that while doing the job we come across something which we weren’t anticipating, but we do all we can to overcome that problem.”

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